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The Elbrus. Highest of all peaks in Europe some may say. And home to two of the most amazing skiing areas of this continent: Elbrus skiing area itself, and Cheget. All of this in a stunning scenery of summits beyond 5000m of altitude.

Today, however, nothing much of that scenery wil be visible: clouds are hanging low and it’s snowing. Nevertheless we have decided we would – finally – like to ski a bit, and so we’re on our way to Cheget. Cheget is beautiful skiing area full of fascinating slopes in a stunning environment.  Snow conditions will be feeble, though, and so will be the weather. We had a great day, anyway. So here are some impressions.


Road into the Caucasus Mountains.



Myself in the Cheget Chairlift, section II.

DSC08324DSC08293 DSC08295

On Cheget’s ski slopes.

DSC08300 DSC08313

Sowjet technology, built to survive centuries.


A Russian Val Claret?

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