Autumn Winds – Polaris Mirage

An improvisation which happened late at night during a break of Chris Wosimski’s first solo album recordings. A fully improvised piece, which, however, despite of some little flaws, possibly quite well shows the way him and me are playing together in certain moments – which I tend to like. The melancholic, somewhat wistful mood made me think of autumn winds when strolling through post-summer landscapes around my home, hence the title.

Chris: Semi-Accoustic Electric Guitar
Me: Duysen Grand Piano
Institut für Wohlklangforschung

The image below shows a derelic powerplant in Upper Silesia, Poland, captured on Adox Colour Implosion Film in December 2013.



White Wind (Singularity) – Polaris Mirage

Another one of the still unfortunately relatively few audio recordings that I/we have made… (hope there will be more in 2016). An improvisation around a sequence set up on the analogue modular system, performed by Chris Wosimski (guitar) and me (electronic instruments).

The title refers to a couple of lines I had written shortly after the piece of music first started to exist in a warm august night in the rocks high above the coastline of Makarska (Croatia).



Whoever may have found one of the postcards, or otherwise stumbled upon this site, and who is interested in analogue photography (or analogue electronic music production) and wishes to contact me, may kindly do so through this simple little website.

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