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Well, this is for those who wish to follow our road trip to the East for a while. The general idea behind this is – as always – skiing holidays, naturally. As the Alps turn out to be less and less suitable for skiing (unless, of course, you do backcountry skiing, which however is a completely different story), while simultaneously becoming more and more expensive, we are looking for alternatives. The real story, of course, is that skiing in remote places allows you to do phantastic roadtrips through unique landscapes where otherwise you’d never seriously would want to go to taken into accout the effort it takes.

Now, what we are aiming at are Kyrgyzstan, Kazachstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The route will probably lead through Kiew (UKR), Kursk (RUS), Saratow (RUS), Uralsk (KAZ), Aktobe (KAZ), Aralsk (KAZ), Shymkent (KAZ). From there onwwards a circle through UZB, TJK, KGZ (or vice versa). This, of course, in theory. Depending on wheather and road conditions we may end up in Caucasus “only”, which is not the worst destinantion, either. Depending on the the time we’ll have and the road conditions we’ll find, a return via Gergio, Turkey and the Balkans might be considerable.

Possible Route, Part I

Possible Route, Part II

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